All the good stuff that goes on with WFA is made possible by you and caring indivduals and churches like you!  We greatly appreciate your prayers and support!


Your donation supports our general fund that pays for all we do or you can designate your support to help  us pay our field workers who make very modest amounts and those funds will be set aside to help pay those salaries.  

 If designating, be sure and leave a note telling us which couple you are helping support, either the Rossers in Uganda, Glahns in Ethiopia, or Masons in Uganda. 

Thank you!

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Make Checks Payable to:

Agua Para Todos/Water for All International

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Agua Para Todos/Water for All International
P.O. Box 1213
San Angelo, TX 76902



Join Us

Water For All has many requests for help from around the world.   There are thousands and thousands of villages in out of the way, forgotten areas,  suffering from lack of water.  The tragedy is in many of these, eveyone could have a water well, at a very low cost, if someone would just go and work out the details and organize and teach families to drill and make and maintain pumps.   This is what we are doing now.  It can be done.  This is not easy or quick however.  Someone must go and stay awhile.    

Water For All is looking for people (married couples or singles) who feel called to sacrifice and go and live among poor rural people as long- term employee field workers.  We will give you very thorough training and support to be able to teach poor rural families to drill their own wells and be a blessing to them.  

If you are emotionally mature, have a strong faith, and most importantly, an overwhelming  burden and love for the rural poor, and want to serve them in an incredibly meaningful way;

Please contact us - for an application.

Pray about it!  Many villages are waiting! 

You will need the spiritual backing of a Christian faith community and be willing to work and serve the poor in very rustic conditions, suffereing many of the same hardships they do.   In some cases you will have to learn a new language.  Our postions require mature people ready to learn a new culture and self sacrafice for at least 3 to 5 years or longer.  You will need to be able to raise your own very basic living expenses and provide health insurance.  We can  provide the rest and train you and  place you with the poorest of the poor, either in one of our projects or in a partner project as our representative.  

You will need to be willing to get really filthy dirty working hand in hand with very poor people giving them them gift of water.  Pray about it. 



We live on your prayers!

WFA is a faith based work and more than anything we need your partnership in prayer.

Join us...

...In prayer for the work of the men currently serving permenantly in Ethiopia, Bolivia and Uganda, that their love would grow for the people they are serving and lives would be improved through close, clean water.

...For more workers to send into the field and permenant opportunities internationally.

...For our "home base" Training Center in Texas where folks can be thoroughly trained in drilling and other appropriate technologies.