Our partners are vital to our work and we couldn't do what we do without them.


  • Southland Baptist Church  WFA Southland is our  parallel caring ministry.  Southland Baptist Church of San Angelo, Texas started it all.  Southland Baptist Church provides financial and program oversight  for WFA Southland and gave rise to a sister non profit Water for All International which is a registered religious non profit in Texas with it's own board of directors,  in the United States of America.  Southland is a wonderful caring church who cares about the plight of the poor and spread of the Gospel. 
  • Global Care Uganda  Our local partenr in Uganda.  They are a great Chistian Outfit that have worked in Uganda many years.
  • Convencion Bautista Boliviana  Our local parnter in Bolivia!  Full of wonderful great Bolivian Christian people and churches.
  • Adis Kidan Our local partner in Ethiopia.  A wonderful denomination of dedicated Christians with a social work arm that reaches out to the "least of these".

Partnering with WFA 

WFA focuses on working directly with rural families and communities to solve local problems with local resources.  Our main emphasisis is teaching families to drill their own water wells.  A thoughtful long term local program is required for positive sustainable outcomes.  

If you or your organization would like to start a thoughtful long term, program to empower poor rural families in a needy area to drill their own low-cost water-wells, with the potential to transform an entire area,  

Please contact us. We would love to help. 

What we can provide, is training, orientation, program design, consulting, and troubleshooting or management for your project.   

We ususally work with partners via a simple MOU agreement and share cost depending on the nature of the program and capacity of funders.   We look for partners who want to make a significant long term impact equipping families and ready to invest suffcient resources to make it happen.

Anyone can be a partner (churches, mission boards, non profits, individuals, foundations, corporations,) if ready to act locally and invest in poor families and communities.

Many other great Churches and individuals like you!

Water for All is supported soley through gifts of churches and individuals. If you would like to join our team and help out, send us a message!

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