Water For All International Is Pleased to Announce Low Cost Water for the Poor, Rural Development Seminars

Introductory Well Drilling Courses with Water For All “Baptist” Low Cost Manual/Motorized Well Drilling and Pump Technology and Low Cost Drilling Program Design 

 Location: Water for All Training Farm Paint Rock Texas 

Participants: For Non Profits and NGOs, Development Workers, Missionaries, Mission Team Leaders or anyone wishing to be introduced to the WFA drilling technologies used to teach poor rural families to drill their own water wells manually or can be adapted with a small 3 hp motorized drilling rig. 

Purpose: This course is an end user course and will introduce participants to WFA technology via hands on drilling and pump building. If you are interested in helping the poor provide themselves water, this is the course for you. Over 4,500 (end of 2017) low-cost wells have been drilled using WFA appropriate technology in over 27 countries. WFA is offering this course in response to many requests. WFA executes rural development programs via partners currently in Bolivia and Ethiopia and Uganda. This proven technology is the result of 20 plus years of rural development work with the poorest of the poor. This course is open to those of all faiths but will be presented from a Christian faith and service context. It exclusively for the those planning to help the poor and not for commercial activities where fees are charged for drilling or training. 

Course Description and Schedule


  • Morning – Arrival at San Angelo Airport and pickup by WFA personnel for transport to Paint Rock.   Registration and signing of training agreement.
  • Afternoon – Hands-on Manual Well drilling. 
  • Evening – Introduction to holistic grass roots rural Christian development and media presentation.
    •        We will look at systematic ways for churches, non-profits and individuals to directly partner with rural communities to solve food production and water problems.
    • Almost a billion people on the planet still lack adequate water. We will compare the difference between "top-down" and true "bottom-up" or grass-roots approaches that focus on local asset mobilization.
    • The potential for training poor families to drill and maintain their own low-cost water wells and spin off the creation of local, artisan well drilling businesses by and for the poor will be discussed.

Tuesday morning afternoon and evening: Hands-on drilling and well completion.


  • Morning – WFA hands on pump manufacture. 
  • Afternoon – Hands on pump installation. 
  • Evening – Further discussion on grass roots development. 


  • Morning – Drill bit manufacture demonstration.
  • Afternoon – Hands-on sample pump (to take home) manufacture.


  • Morning – WFA low-cost community pump well head construction.
  • Afternoon – Review of entire drilling process. Questions and feedback.

Saturday Morning: Rides to San Angelo Airport for flights out. (Plan to arrive Monday and leave Saturday).

Cost of the course: $1,000.00. This includes 5 nights lodging, all meals and transport to and from San Angelo Air Port, sample drill bits, sample pump, copy of WFA drilling manual.   All proceeds will go to pay cost of the course and support the WFA international ministry. ( If you are poor, from the third world and currently in the U.S. and soon to return, we may be able to look for donors to help with cost of the course. Check with us.) 

Venue:  Water For All Training farm  on the Scenic Concho Rigver (30  minutes east of San Angelo.) 

Number of Participants: limited to 7 maximum per course. We will send you a brief application to fill out. Preference will be given to groups with solid plans to help the poor in a needy area. Contact us today!


  • WFA's new, very low cost, heavy duty community well head design for heavy use wells. Designed to allow for super quick change of leathers and general maintenance while only adding a few dollars to the cost of each well. Can be made in any village shop.
  • Alternative motorization techniques for our drilling method with any vehicle.
  • News reports from Bolivia, Malawi, Kenya and Togo.
  • Demo of WFA low-cost windmill.

How to apply for the course

Email: Kim Edlund, Stateside Coordination Water For All, at ksedlund@mindspring.com or call 512-658-3985. Fill out an on-line application form.

If invited to attend upon arrival payment check made out to: Water For All International with “Water For All drilling course” in the memo.   


Participants will be asked to sign this end user training agreement similar to this upon arrival.  

We ask that any person, group or organization that participates in WFA training activities or person, group or organization later trained by you to use WFA tools or technologies agree to, 

1. Stay in touch, we want to learn from you too. Maintain contact with WFA via email if WFA technologies or practices are used or attempted, and inform WFA of outcomes, either positive or negative so that we can inform our supporters. 

2. Let folks know where you learned it. If WFA developed technologies or practices are attempted and used, WFA will be recognized publicly as the originators of the technologies and interested parties will be referred to us for more information concerning the technologies or practices. 

3. Send photos and well data via email of wells made or tools made or used as a result WFA training. (You get all the credit but it will help us inform our supporters of benefits of our training.) 

4. Send a brief overview of program and context where WFA tools or practices are being used or tried. (Tell us all about it.) 

5.  Agree that the course training is for non profit helping of poor families outside the U.S.A in poor underdeveloped rural, non-urban areas, and not for commercial drilling.

(For Commercial use of our training or technology only)  If any commercial activities carried out (fees charged of any kind) reproducing WFA technologies or training courses given (beyond village artisan level) we or those we train will recognize Water For All with a 10% royalty payment donations of retail prices charged for any courses, tools, drilling charges, drilling rigs, bits, pumps etc. These royalty payments/donations will be used to further the WFA ministry.    

6. Remember to have fun getting filthy while helping the poor get water!!! 

 Please note all participants must agree that all training is for equipping families to help themselves in poor third world rural areas with acute water problems and not for use in the United States.    

Further Training

WFA currently offers several ways of learning the WFA 'Baptist' low-cost water-well drilling technique.

We offer:

  • Short- introductory fee based non commercial training courses in the US. 

  • Non commercial Individual or group training for long term missionaires or rural development workers. (when possible)