Welcome to the possibilities of Low Cost Water for the Poor

NEW Course!  Fall drilling course date for 2018 is October 15-19.  course start on Monday at noon and end Friday evening. Contact us for an Application.

2017 well count is in!  WFA did 118 wells in Bolivia, 80 in Ethiopia, and 50 in Uganda.  We were down a bit this year in Africa due to drought and unrest in certain areas but still had a great year!  In addition Pedro from Brazil reported to us recently 23 wells don in Mozambique by a group of Brazilian missionaries with local families in Mozambique that we didn't know about.  Great job Pedro! Also from amazing Dave from Hope2Others reports around 100 wells in Gambia at least in 2017!   So the total wells for 2018 we know about is 271!  That bumps to latest world wide count up to 4,551 (approx.) wells drilled so far with or simple WFA, get soaking wet while drilling "Baptist" method.  Praise God!

Latest world wide count is 4,208 (approx.) wells drilled so far by folks we have trained  in 27 countries by the end of 2016!  398 new wells in 2016  were done by WFA programs. These were 115 in Bolivia, 120 in Uganda, and 93 in Ethiopia.  Plus  another 150 reported by Dave Rierson  of H2Others in Gambia.  (Good job Dave!)  

287 wells that we know about were drilled in 2015!  These were 100 in Gambia by Dave Rierson of H2Others, and WFA did 68 in Uganda, 62 in Ethiopia, and 52 in Bolivia.  Plus  5 in Kenya by Kate.  Lots of families and communities helped!  81 wells in Bolivia and  83 wells in Ethiopia in 2014, 108 wells in Uganda in 2014,  42  family wells in Ethiopia in 2012, 10 in Uganda and 70 in Bolivia. Our"well clubs"  drilled 182  deep water wells for farm, family, and neighbor use in Bolivia in 2011 and 180 in 2010.  All of these families and neighbors have their water problem solved for good!  And they know how to make and maintain their own pumps!  These are  good deep high producing wells  (average depth 20-50 meters in Bolvivia making 20 plus liters per minute from confined aquifers).   More wells are being drilled now in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and and other countries using our "poor friendly" low cost water well drilling method that we designed especially to help the neediest rural families, help themselves.   Folks who attended our courses in 2012 drilled in Kenya, Cameroon, Niger, Peru, and Ghana.  It can be done and you don't have to be a millionaire to do it!   All tools and materials are made in country with local materials.  We can show you how!   Thanks for praying for and supporting WFA!