Welcome to the possibilities of Low Cost Water for the Poor

NEW Course!   Fall 2019 course date is November 4th-8th. course start on Monday at noon and end Friday evening. Contact us for an Application.

If you or your church or NGO have a serious commitment to help poor families in rural areas in a needy area in the developing world definitively solve chronic water problems and at the same time empower families to keep it solved, our course is for you.   In one week we can equip you to go and test drill in your area with local families and resources.  This can be the start of a local driven well drilling movement if you have the commitment to stay on the ground to organize, equip, and encourage local rural families to help each other drill their own low cost wells.  We have done it and know what it takes to get it done.!   And you don’t have to have multimillion dollars yearly budgets to do it.  Just the desire and commitment!  In our own programs we have fostered local well drilling movements in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Uganda,  that are still happening and our students have done it helping families drill from dozens to over a thousand wells  in the Gambia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Senegal, Niger, Mozambique.   Over 5,100 wells have been drilled by us or our students in 29 countries.  Our own WFA drilling method works, and our approach to local empowerment works.  If you are committed to helping the poorest of the poor learn to drill their own water wells and perhaps starting a local well drilling movement our course is for you or your church or organization.

Some recent news as of  Summer 2019

Pedro a former student from Brazil just reported 20 wells drilled in Mozambique since April.

Pedro and a group from his church in Brazil has done a great job forming water clubs in Mozambique!  

In Kenya pastor Peter one of our students has recently drilled 6 wells with families.

In our Spring course we had participants planning  to drill in Guiana and Uganda.

One recent course alumni , Joshua and NGO engineer drilled several wells in  Cameroon and recently sent word he is drilling with families now in Nigeria.

Another student a Brit that lives in France is going back and forth to Senegal helping families drill.

Recent course participants report wells drilled in Kenya, and Malawi!  More 2019 updates later! 

 The 2018 well count is in.   WFA Did 66 wells in Bolivia, 24 in Uganda and  55 in Ethiopia. Many of these wells are larger diameter for irrigation.  We are drilling in harder areas too through much marum (laterite) rock in Uganda.  We are also testing motorized pump jacks we designed in Bolivia and in Ethiopia.  Pastor Peter of Kenya and Jim Farmer, with the help of Gary Mitchell who recently took our course with the help of Gary Mitchell for the first one,  have drilled 2 new wells in Kenya!    Also a great group of young people from church in Austin went and drilled successfully at in a refugee area of Rwanda.   Now for super exciting news, Dave Reirson a WFA course alum and founder of Hope2Others said they recently celebrated their 1000th well in Gambia and Senegal.  Wow Dave!  We only had you down for 500 wells!  That means another 500 (approx.) wells we didn’t know about drilled with the WFA method by our programs or by those we trained.  If we add  500 of  Dave’s wells plus our new 145 wells  and Pastor Peter’s wells and the Austin group’s well in Rwanda, that is 647 wells to add to last years rough total of 4,551.   That puts the new world wide rough count of  low cost family, compound, and small community wells that have been successfully drilled at 5,199 in 29 countries over an incredibly wide range of geologies and conditions.   Our manual method is very versatile and user friendly for novice drillers and why we designed it.  Most of these  wells drilled manually by families and communities themselves!   Could you and your group be the next, like Dave, to go start a well drilling movement somewhere where families suffer from not owning a well?   Our courses are designed to help serious folks willing to do the hard work go and seriously help others! Pray about it!

2017 well count is in!  WFA did 118 wells in Bolivia, 80 in Ethiopia, and 50 in Uganda.  We were down a bit this year in Africa due to drought and unrest in certain areas but still had a great year!  In addition Pedro from Brazil reported to us recently 23 wells don in Mozambique by a group of Brazilian missionaries with local families in Mozambique that we didn't know about.  Great job Pedro! Also from amazing Dave from Hope2Others reports around 100 wells in Gambia at least in 2017!   So the total wells for 2018 we know about is 271!  That bumps to latest world wide count up to 4,551 (approx.) wells drilled so far with or simple WFA, get soaking wet while drilling "Baptist" method.  Praise God!

Latest world wide count is 4,208 (approx.) wells drilled so far by folks we have trained  in 27 countries by the end of 2016!  398 new wells in 2016  were done by WFA programs. These were 115 in Bolivia, 120 in Uganda, and 93 in Ethiopia.  Plus  another 150 reported by Dave Rierson  of H2Others in Gambia.  (Good job Dave!)  

287 wells that we know about were drilled in 2015!  These were 100 in Gambia by Dave Rierson of H2Others, and WFA did 68 in Uganda, 62 in Ethiopia, and 52 in Bolivia.  Plus  5 in Kenya by Kate.  Lots of families and communities helped!  81 wells in Bolivia and  83 wells in Ethiopia in 2014, 108 wells in Uganda in 2014,  42  family wells in Ethiopia in 2012, 10 in Uganda and 70 in Bolivia. Our"well clubs"  drilled 182  deep water wells for farm, family, and neighbor use in Bolivia in 2011 and 180 in 2010.  All of these families and neighbors have their water problem solved for good!  And they know how to make and maintain their own pumps!  These are  good deep high producing wells  (average depth 20-50 meters in Bolvivia making 20 plus liters per minute from confined aquifers).   More wells are being drilled now in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and and other countries using our "poor friendly" low cost water well drilling method that we designed especially to help the neediest rural families, help themselves.   Folks who attended our courses in 2012 drilled in Kenya, Cameroon, Niger, Peru, and Ghana.  It can be done and you don't have to be a millionaire to do it!   All tools and materials are made in country with local materials.  We can show you how!   Thanks for praying for and supporting WFA!