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Water For All International

training families to drill their own low cost water wells
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The Water For All Team, Past and Present

Terry and Kathy Waller
International Director of WFA.
Terry and Katny Waller are 20 year missionary veterans having served the rural poor in Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa and Bolivia, South America as agricultural missionaries.  Terry is an ordained Baptist minister.  He is a member of Southland Baptist Church and serves as a staff missionary and as director of Water For All International.  Other stuff you minght want to know.(Terry is in his early 50s, skinney, and almost bald.  He is a pretty good banjo player, mediocer golfer and former wanna be  bull rider who got bucked off a lot.)  Kathy is much smarter than Terry and started Hope Bolivia , a village cottage indurstry that has helped 50 very poor rural women generate more than $30,000 in income for the women and their children.  Terry and Kathy have 5 children, the oldest just began working at the Standard Times in San Angelo, TX.  They also have a great dane named Angel. 

Kim Edlund
Spiritual Formations, laison and communications guy for Water For All.  Kim is a 60 something seminary trained pastor in Austin Texas and former IMB missionary to Bolivia.  Other stuff you might want to know. Kim is a tall blond scandinavian looking  former ski guy  from Golden Colorado and learned to  frequently grit his teeth to filter dirty pond water he  often shared for a round of mate with guarani indians in Bolivia.   He  literally knows inside and out the consequences of dirty water. 
Teofilo Belmonte
Teofilio is a village leader in the homestead village of San Julian. Teofilo is WFA’s associate currently overseeing WFA’s local programs and ministries in San Julian, Bolivia.  Other stuff you might want to know.  Teo is one of the best men Terry has ever known.  He speaks Spanish, Aymara and Quecha.  He is originally from rual La Paz, his father died at an early age, he grew up on a homestead in tropical Eastern Bolivia.  He saw his brother die of malaria, and his home an village were washed away by floods a few years ago.  He has drilled hundereds of low cost water wells.

Ivo Fru Ngufor
Ivo is a Cameroonian  trained to drill low cost wells in San Julian Bolivia. He is an informal WFA associate currently drilling for the public and NGOs in Cameroon. Ivo has drilled over 30 wells in Cameroon.  Other stuff you might want to know.  Ivo is trained in computer programing, couldn't find a job for that in Cameroon.and was a "street hawker" selling knick knacks   He made his way all the to Bolivia from Cameroon to learn to drill water wells.  Teofilo taught him to drill.  One poor guy from South Amnerica teaching another poor guy from Africa how to drill water wells.  Pretty cool!  Ivo is back now in Cameroon drilling wells and teachng other low cost drillers too.  He is from the Bamenda area, a sharp dresser but learned to get really dirty drilling wells.  He is a Presbyterian.

Cayo Cesped
Cayo is a recent graduate of the Bolivian Baptist Seminary in Santa Cruz and is a missionary of the Bolivian Baptist Convention. WFA is financially supporting his position as he pastors and disciples in the newly formed first Baptist Church in San Julian started by WFA.  Other stuff you might want to know. Cayo grew up as on a Bolivian homestead like Teofilo.  He became a Christian as a young man and was rejected by his family because of his new faith. They are now all Christians.  Cayo speaks Quechua as well as Spanish, plays soccer. He drove a taxi and bus for a living while attending night classes in Seminary.  He and his wife Neli have two kids.  Update!  Three!

Rob and Almaz Glahn
 Rob graduated from James Madison University with a degree in economics.  Rob is teaching  families drill their own wells in Africa. Rob trained with WFA in Bolivia.  
Other stuff you might want to know. Rob is looking to serve the poorest of the poor in Jesus name for the rest of his life.  Rob looks like an Irish lumberjack with a great red beard.  He plays the guitar and laughs a lot and reads deep books while playng the harmonica. He also plays a pretty mean uek.  Update! Update!  Rob loves Almaz!  Rob even married Almaz!  Almaz is Rob's amazing new Ethiopian wife!  They married recently and are headed back to Ethiopia for good to live out in a little bitty town to friends and neighbors with very needy rural foks in Ethiopia!
Update!  Rob shaved! 

Colin and Ronnie Rosser
In Uganda drilling lots of wells and teaching lots of farming and lots of drilling!  They have figured out how to drill in the hard "marum" rock of Uganda and have trained Dan, Jimmy and Ema to drill and are helping 86 families drill 86 wells!    A great young couple completely sold out to God's Kingdom and helping the least of these, on the spot!   Other stuff you might want to know. Colin is a true cowboy from West Texas and Ronnie a cowgirl from New York (really).  They went through the Texas 2011 summer drought with no ac just for fun to see if they could do it!  And they did!  They are working  a tough sober area where many have suffered.  Pray for them!
Hannah and Aaron Mason
Our newest cool young missionaries!    Other stuff you might want to know.  Aaron and Hannah have lived in East Africa and lived in a hut for months at a time and loved it!   Hannah is a  20 something farm girl from Missouri and Aaron 20 something from East Texas, a mechanic, scholar, and has a great old big beard!   Both love poor rural African families and want to serve the poorest of the poor.  They know first hand what it is like to haul water and be hungry and they are in for the long haul ready to live and serve families that need water. They are in for the long haul so that children won't have to haul water the rest of their lives but some day have a well right at their own house!
Joesph Stocker
 Joesph served in Bolivia with Water for All and has directed training courses and technology development in Bolivia, Africa.  As a Water For All Rep he trained  Yared of Water For People and Selam Buisness Group in Awassa Ethiopia who have used our technique to drill dozens for wells in Ethiopia.  He also started a WFA agricultural consultancy registered in Ethiopia and has trained many of the poorest of the poor to drill their own water wells. .  Other stuff you might want to know.Joe is  34, a soft spoken handsome good old boy from Indiana who noodles for aligators in Bolivia and always carries the smallest laptop computer known to mankind in his backpack along with other cool cell phones and pdas. He is never without his backpacker guitar.  All his worldly possesions fit in a shoe box because he is always giving his stuff away.  He only takes off his backpack when he is teaching poor people to drill water wells.  Joe is on leave from us now but will probably be back to help with special assignments
Rick and Sherry Gregory .  Volunteers Rick and Sherry served in Uganda to work with our local partner there, Global Care.  They are a young 50 something Southeren California couple who have given the rest of their lives to help the "least of these".   Other stuff you might want to know. They have already worked in hard places like Sudan and Uganda and the Philipines and Bolivia.  Sherry is a nurse and Rick has owned several successful businesses.  They have decided to give it all up, rough it  and pound holes in the ground and spend a great deal of time sleeping in tents and swatting flies to help the poor. 
Were a great addition to the WFA team. Rick is a great writter and you can see more about their adventures and donate directly to their personal support by visiting   Rick and Sherry have returned from Uganda but may still help with special assignments in the future.   They helped a community named "Thirsty drill a well and the village changed it's name to "Place where water flows".
Southland Baptist Church .
WFA Southland is  the parallel caring ministry of Southland Baptist Church of
San Angelo, Texas  that started it all. . Southland Baaptist Church provides financial and program oversight
and is a registered religious non profit in Texas, United States of America and a wonderful caring community who cares about the plight of the poor and spread of the Gospel.
Agua Para Todos Water For All International The 5013c Non Profit that does all this stuff!  Dedicated to helping the poor.  Hey you are on their page!
Global Care Uganda 
 Our local partenr in Uganda.  They are a great Chistian Outfit that have worked in Uganda many years.
Convencion Bautista Boliviana
 Our local parnter in Bolivia!  Full of wonderful great Bolivian Christian people and churches.
Many other great Churches and individuals like you!
Water for All is supported soley through gifts of churches and individuals.
If you would like to join our team and help out, email us!